Welcome to Zenkondo & the Inner Alchemy Program

Zenkondo® is at once a new thought spiritual science, a sacred artform, a yogic path and a living stream of tradition, or sampradaya.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and support others as we manifest the unique and unlimited potential that exists within each of us; to illuminate the pathway through education, practice, coaching, and through modern media and communications.

Our Community

The Sangha within the Zenkondo movement is as diverse and rich as the spiritual heritage from which our vowed (ordained) and lay practitioners come together.

Our Tradition

Our approach looks at the more important questions, without which the questions of the religionists and atheists would be inconsequential and meritless. We want to know how to overcome the problems and difficulties in life, which lead to suffering.

These questions are easily adaptable to any personal spiritual tradition, and work perfectly and equally in the absence of such spiritual traditions. Therefore, they are universal, and universally important.

CaptureIn the discourses of the historical Buddha, known as the sutras, we read of something referred to as the “four reliances” — four brilliant statements made by the Buddha, encouraging critical inquiry and rational investigation by the seeker:

Do not rely on individuals, rely on the teachings.

Do not rely on the words, rely on the meaning of the words.

Do not rely on the adapted meaning, rely on the ultimate meaning.

Do not rely on intellectual knowledge, rely on wisdom.

And in the words of our abbot and spiritual director, Khenpo Gurudas, “Our spiritual heritage comes from the rich early Catholic and U.S. Episcopalian traditions, the esoteric Buddhist, Advaita and Taoist philosophies, and from the progressive, New Thought movement; and yet it is uniquely and wholly our own… a work in progress… a community of sojourners, seeking a world in which our god is Love, our religion is Compassion, and our path is the path of Service.”


  • There is one eternal Creative Impulse in this universe, comprised of the Cosmic Mind (Pure Awareness) which is the source of all creativity, love, wisdom, intelligence, and light; and we affirm One Universal Law, through which all form is manifested and sustained;
  • This eternal Creative Source is everywhere; in, around and through all;
  • Everything is interconnected and interdependent. Separation and loss are an illusion, and everything exists in this Oneness;
  • We are each directly connected with Creative Intelligence in spirit and form through meditation, prayer, contemplation, thought, word, and deed. We are a unique blend of the realms of light and form, a manifestation of Pure Awareness, which the primitive called “a soul” having a human experience;
  • We are each a unique expression of this One Universal and Pure Awareness and possess unique gifts with unlimited potential and power in the present, here and now…”I AM”;
  • The Universe is eternally expanding and we are each continually co-creating as living expressions of the Creative Source within;
  • The Universal Law manifests, in form, what we place into the Law by our words, thoughts, visualisations, prayers, and actions;
  • For us to build and maintain a truly balanced & creative life, it is important that we are each grounded in what we know to be True, informed through the honest pursuit of Wisdom and Understanding, and a practice of Compassion, Equanimity and Loving Kindness toward all.

To achieve these goals, our philosophy encourages each person to identify, develop and incorporate their own individual Core Values and Guiding Principles.


Our weekly broadcast, entitled “Inner Alchemy” is on hiatus through May 29th.