Finding Clarity in the Midst of Terror

terrorI won’t pretend to understand why some New Thought and Dharma teachers have gone silent about the concerns that so many are facing right now, especially in the United States.

I’ve personally been dismissed by some of them, when I shared that I too struggle with emotions that are very real, over the prospects of one of the most dangerous sociopaths this world has seen since Adolf Hitler taking office in one of the most powerful roles in the Western World.

Sometimes I think it’s that they don’t know what to say, and are not really willing to allow themselves to go down that road. That’s where New Thought gets a bit mixed up with New Age fluff — where we pretend that we have to think all unicorns and rainbows and everything will be magically OK.

fearThe difficulty I have with that is that magick can be a temporary fix, where the transformative power of the Science of Spiritual Living is permanent and universal in scope.

I also think that sometimes experience (or lack thereof) plays a role, as does a fear of being controversial and unpopular. Those whose White Privilege has never caused them to experience real prejudice or oppression might not have the personal framework with which to truly empathise with the men and women whose civil rights and human rights are at stake.

This doesn’t mean that those teachers are not concerned, nor that they wouldn’t be first to step forward and stand on the front lines with us in solidarity. But when the going gets tough, I don’t honestly believe I can count on them not to turn and run either.

So where do we go from here?

How do we find the strength and purpose, and gain insight into a Greater Awareness that can carry us through these otherwise terrifying times?

I believe the first step is to release the experience of fear. Terror is only possible when we have forgotten the Truth.

We can be concerned. We can be outraged and disgusted in a country and system that has failed us. We can even grieve the death of the democracy. But we need never fear.

In fact, as we move through this experience, we can choose to allow those uncertainties and injustices we encounter to challenge us to reach deeper within the depths of our beings. We can use this opportunity to rediscover strength and Inner Wisdom that might have been forgotten or have fallen into disuse.

We can emerge from this experience with greater clarity and purpose, and reclaim our right to a safe, secure, and free expression of all Life has to offer. And we can resolve never to allow xenophobia, misogyny, racism and homophobia to thrive on our watch.

spiritual_mind_treatment_2We can use this uncertainty as grist for the mill, and come out of it with greater clarity, deeper understanding, and abounding compassion and unity with Universal Principles.

In our tradition, we rely on the form of affirmative mental treatment, pioneered by Dr. Ernest Holmes and refined by such great minds as my mentors, Dr. Louise L. Hay and Dr. Kennedy Shultz, known as Spiritual Mind Treatment, to help us reclaim that clarity, and return to a place of deep knowing.

We begin by affirming the First Principle: That right where we are, the Truth of Being exists. This Truth… this First Principle or First Cause exists in, around and as all things. It is Universal Intelligence. Zeropoint Energy. And it has been anthropomorphised by primitive cultures to become known as God, Allah, YHVH, Goddess, Kali, Mother, Shakti, Spirit, Shekinah, Amun, Ra, Source. This First Principle is Oneness, and the Truth of our Nature.

And so we affirm our essential Unity with this Principle, recognising our life as a perfect expression of the One.

We realise that although the appearance of difficulty presents itself, that these appearances are themselves empty phenomena — ideas and fears manifesting and being interpreted through the imperfect and clouded lens of our perceptions. We can choose to let go of the need for fear, and courageously and effortlessly walk through these difficult times with conviction and firmness of purpose.

We can choose to act in ways that we may never have had the courage to act before. To stand unafraid of what people will think, or of the perceived consequences of taking a strong moral stand for racial equality, compassion toward those of other cultures, religions and traditions, gender and sexual equality, freedom of speech and a willingness to work for non-violent solutions to the challenges that vex humankind.

We can quiet our minds, and allow that silence to speak for us. We can offer our minds these new challenges, trusting that they will strengthen us, deepen our awareness, and reaffirm our essential Oneness.

And as a result, we can now cultivate a profound gratitude for this realisation of Truth, and for the awareness that the First Principle is always at work, creating and guiding our lives in Right Action and Purpose.

And so we release our Treatment — this powerful declaration of Universal Intent and Truth, into the Law of Mind, knowing that before these words were written… before anyone read or affirmed them, the Law has already ordained this Treatment as accomplished.

We let it go and we let it be. And so it is.