In Memoriam

beautifulcityOn Friday, this country will witness the death of justice and democracy, as one of the most vile and evil sociopaths of the past two millennia assumes what will become the throne of darkness, where once so many Great People served with honour and dignity, when it was known as the Oval Office.

There is nothing I can say to reason with those morally bankrupt and politically retarded imbeciles who are not deeply disturbed by what Herr Drumpf stands for. And I need not say anything more to those (overwhelming majority of American voters, and the rest of the world), whose moral compass, integrity and commitment to the American Dream remains intact. Because no further comment is necessary.

16174968_366507260372204_3485034279565481706_nNow it’s time for the #RESISTANCE… for good people to stand up for social justice, due process, compassion and the protection of our Constitution that KGB Agent Orange has shown no respect for whatsoever.

I therefore intend to observe a period of non-violent protest, beginning at 2 PM today, and continuing through 3 PM Friday. But this will not be a protest in which the hatred, intolerance, lies and treason of Der F├╝hrer is met with angry words or facts. Instead, I choose to raise voices of a different kind, every hour, on the hour, with a bold declaration of MY INTENTION and the intention of those on the side of righteousness. (Those will be posted on my facebook wall.)

My hope is that people will join me in sharing those hourly posts, and for more than 24 hours, refuse to utter Donald Valdemort Drumpf’s name, or speak anything but our intention… Truth to Power!

I’ll leave you with this quote, with which I choose to end my discourse that began on November 9th, and mark the beginning of my personal revolution.

“We can build a beautiful city. Yes we can. Yes we can.
We can build a beautiful city. Not a city of angels, but finally a city of Man.” — Stephen Shwartz (from Godspell)