On the Mythos of the Resurrection

A few years ago, I posted a question on Facebook, and asked how many people believed that Horus, one of the oldest gods of the ancient Egyptian religion — the Falcon-headed Avenger, was a real being. Fifty people commented saying, “Of course not.”

Speaking at a workshop after the film, “The Avengers”, I asked how many people there believed that Odin, Thor and Loki actually exist, 47 out of 49 people said they did not.

But there is a vast disconnect in the intelligence, rationality and spiritual maturity here in the West, where we are all too quick to suspend reason, and demand that the whole world believe a legend that has been shown time and time again, with empirical evidence sociologically, historically and anthropologically to have been an adaptation of the ancient legends of the “man-god” mythos.

Our sacred legends have taught that Yeshua ben Yusef, who is called the Annointed One (Christ), was born two millenia ago, to a virgin (exactly as Osiris was born to Isis).

Legend says that three wise men followed a star in the East to Bethlehem (just as the ancient constellation, which has been called the Three Wise Men, follows the star Sirius, traveling through the sky toward the constellation known as Bethlehem every December, leading to the Winter Solstice).

That same legend says that this Anointed One taught for three years, in the place known as the Holy Land, was then crucified, rose from the grave, and ascended bodily back into “heaven”, where he apparently decided to chill, until “some day soon”, when he was going to come back to earth to “save” people from their imaginary, merciless and temperamental demigod, YHVH — a jealous, bitchy, judgmental Priss, whose insecurity led to such problems as floods, plagues and a tyrannical insistence on being worshiped.

This particular Anointed One (or Christ), manifested in a person called Issa Asaf, or Yeshua ben Yusef, is the same Christ who was manifested in the person of Moyshe (Moses), and Elijah, in the older legends.

But he was never born to a virgin, likely had a twin brother, named Judas, and was never crucified… never resurrected from the dead… and as such, never walked through walls, or ascended into heaven.

In fact, that very same Christ… the very same Anointed One… has taken incarnation in every sentient being, who has ever lived, or who will ever live.

As Joel Goldsmith aptly put it in “The Journey Back to the Father’s House“:

This Christ is incarnate in you and in every individual who has ever been born since time began whether he was born in occidental, oriental, pagan, or aboriginal countries. Wherever an individual has been born, the Christ has been incarnate in him: the hidden priceless pearl, the hidden manna, the secret word. It is just as much in you as It ever was in any prophet, saint, or seer of old, and in the same degree – not a little bit of it. You cannot divide spirit. Spirit is incorporeal, and It is in you. The kingdom of God is in you. The Christ that dwelt in Paul dwells in you.

Until you stop believing that the Christ was crucified, until you stop believe that the Christ left this earth and may come again you will not be able to accept the absolute presence of the Christ or son of God within you. And it is necessary to do so. If you would be on the spiritual path, you must accept the truth that the “I” will never leave you or forsake you, and that that “I” is the Christ speaking through Jesus and saying “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Therefore, the Christ dwells in you.

The metaphoric significance of the virgin birth (being born out of Pure Light and Pure Awareness, our True Nature), the symbolic transfiguration (recognition of the True Nature of others), and the betrayal of the phenomenal world, which leads us to the painful death of the ego, and the rekindling of Pure Awareness, in which we emerge from the tomb of illusion, and come to serve as teachers, servants, and lovers… as Bodhisattva’s committed to alleviating suffering, and showing others the path to liberation from suffering and attachment… is as profound as any of the more ancient tales of Osiris, Mithra, Krsna, Odin, Kali, Durga, Ereshkigal and Śiva.

It is profoundly significant because the message is the same. And whether these Mythical Ones lived in physical bodies or not, on this or any other part of the Multiverse, is irrelevant.

In fact, if we let go of the superstitious belief than anything found in the horribly written, violent, contradictory and irrelevant collection of texts, known as “the Bible”, and instead, follow the Heart Teaching found buried in the tomb of those tales, we will discover the true path to awakening… the experiential rebirth of our Awareness. We will be freed, and at peace. And that unshakable peace will dwell with us until suffering no longer exists for any sentient being.

At this time of year, especially, I love to revisit this wonderful experience that my teacher, Swami Dayananda (Bede Griffiths, OSB) describes, which closely mirrors something I experienced on the Paschal Tridium, when I was 16 (during my first year as an ordained Buddhist monk, upon entering the Roman Catholic seminary).


I do not believe that any one of us will ever be completely whole, or completely free until we recognise our True Nature as Pure Awareness, and let go of these primitive tales and superstitions that the bible stories, the tales of the Ramayana, or the similar tales in that Batman comic book we kept under the bed as children, were meant to be taken as literal and historic accounts.

And once we realise this, we are truly freed, because then we also realise no one can truly ever harm us, because we are not these bodies, but pure expressions of Love and Awareness.

It all begins when we quiet the mind, still the chatter of the ego, and return to the Present Moment… when we surrender ourselves, our fears, every human obstacle that stands between us and Pure Awareness.

Only then is the Christ resurrected… reborn in the cave of our hearts… where it can go on to do Good that lasts for aeons to follow.