On the Visit of Pope Francis to the U.S.

pope-francis-1I wanted to share my thoughts on the visit of Pope Francis to the United States, because I think there is a message relevant to every spiritual path, including those of us who are non-theistic and secular humanists.

This past week brought a lot of “religious discussion” to the forefront of social media, owing in no small part to the Pope’s visit to the U.S. For many, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, the experience was something of a ‘retreat’ experience — reminding us of our essential unity, the need to serve the sick, poor, and dying, our responsibility as stewards of a planet facing global warming and other environmental issues, and of the need for peace and compassion. That ‘retreat experience’ ended last night, when Francis boarded the plane for Vatican City. We often refer to what follows as “the fourth day” experience… that experience of “what now” after an intensive three day retreat.

It occurs to me that what Pope Francis really did was to serve as a mirror for us. That exquisite Inner Light, which is compassion or love, Pure Awareness, as I prefer to call it, which some acceptably anthropomorphise into the “god concept” and all its various legends and myths, was reflected in his eyes, his words and his admonitions.

He reminded us that how we LIVE our religion (or spiritual paths) is far more important than what we SAY about our religion or spiritual paths.

Now it’s our turn to take action, and own the POSSIBILITIES for healing to begin.