spiritual mind treatment, metaphysical & bodywork services

We offer a number of metaphysical healing, counseling and physical bodywork/energy work services.

Spiritual Mind Treatment

During the process of a Spiritual Mind Treatment, also known as Affirmative Prayer, Scientific Prayer or simply ‘Treatment’, we come to the realisation that within the universe there is one Infinite, Universal Presence that permeates everything, and therefore this Presence, being everywhere, has to be right within us. Through Spiritual Mind Treatment, we realign ourselves with this Universal Principle and begin to manifest powerful changes in our experiences.

Pricing: One 30 minute session is $80. (Done in person or via Skype)


Esoteric Buddhist Divination

Through Esoteric Buddhist Divination techniques, Khenpo Gurudas works with¬†what might be called psychic healing or divination. This is a process in which he helps clients to create a connection with their Inner Power to easily overcome obstacles, emotional or physical blockages, and to tap into the psychic realm, for insight and answers into their life’s questions.

This is not the kind of pop-culture psychic divination more familiar to Westerners. He does not “channel” other entities, or communicate with loved ones who have crossed over.

This is about empowering clients to discover their own Truth, and unlock the keys to a more successful healthy life.

Session rates:
30-minutes – $80
1-hour – $120
Series of 4 hour-long sessions – $399

Holistic Bodywork, Frequency Healing and Reiki

Various modalities of physical bodywork (massage, polarity work, and Zenergetics Nano Wand adjustments), as well as vibrational (sound frequency) to assist in self-healing and Japanese/Hawaiian Reiki sessions are available as well.

Sound Frequency Session – 1-hour $150
Zenergetics Nano Wand and Sound Frequency Session – 1-hour $180
Reiki – $90 per session (typically 30-45 minutes)

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