On the Mythos of the Resurrection

A few years ago, I posted a question on Facebook, and asked how many people believed that Horus, one of the oldest gods of the ancient Egyptian religion — the Falcon-headed Avenger, was a real being. Fifty people commented saying, “Of course not.”

Speaking at a workshop after the film, “The Avengers”, I asked how many people there believed that Odin, Thor and Loki actually exist, 47 out of 49 people said they did not.

But there is a vast disconnect in the intelligence, rationality and spiritual maturity here in the West, where we are all too quick to suspend reason, and demand that the whole world believe a legend that has been shown time and time again, with empirical evidence sociologically, historically and anthropologically to have been an adaptation of the ancient legends of the “man-god” mythos.


Beginners’ Eyes

Ma Jaya once reminded us that the only things that ever really grow old is our clothes and our limitations. Every cell of your body is constantly being replaced by brand new cells.

forever-youngTherefore your entire body is new, every few months. 

The beliefs you have which limit you are, from the moment you recognise them, old and chaotic data. They come from not being present in the moment. Fear can only arise when we are replaying old stories, false perceptions and memories of the past, or when we are projecting nonsensical, baseless stories about the non-existent “future”. The past and the future are imaginary constructs, created by the ego-mind to give a “context” to the chaotic data, drama and false ideas, it tries to impose over reality.