the ashram

At the core of our plans for a physical home for the intentional community, is a project known as Śantipurna Sanctuary and Manjuśri House.

Śantipurna Sanctuary will be the small hermitage and primary residence for our founder, will the adjacent or nearby Manjuśri House will serve as our core community’s residence, and formation centre for those seeking the vowed life as part of an intentional community.

Based on past experiences, having previously run six monasteries and three small community houses in four states, Khenpo has recommended that plans for Śantipurna Sanctuary and Manjuśri House be postponed until such a time as our community has grown its outreach, social justice and educational programs sufficiently to justify the establishment of a formal community residence.

“In the past, good people — truly loving, and with the best of intentions — have tried to create a physical community before the spiritual maturity and substance required to sustain such conditions was really there, ” Khenpo explained in his 2006 Founders Memorial retreat, honouring the four co-founders of our movement, “This time, we’ll wait until the time and conditions are right, before jumping ahead to the arduous task of building a residential community.”

Meanwhile, the community is actively seeking a warehouse or loft structure, which could serve as the spiritual centre for classes, retreats, workshops and a foundational core community in Atlanta, Phoenix, Washington DC Metro or the Greater Philadelphia/Jersey Shore areas.

Those interested in helping make that a reality, or individuals willing to donate either the property or provide free rent for a minimum of 24 months in such a facility are encouraged to contact us.