The 12 Nights of Transformation

This is the time of year, where humanity experiences the transformative power, when light and darkness meet and become unified, leading up to what my teachers called, “The Twelve Nights of Transformation”.

It is the time when the Divine Feminine (Creative Thought) gives birth to a new “Saviour” (Pure Awareness). As this pure and undefiled Heart of Creation… this seed atom for the coming year… makes its appearance in our intentionality and consciousness, we have the rare opportunity to bring our full awareness to the moment, and observe as Spirit enters the Great Void (Śunyata).

There, old chaotic data can be released, old fears and superstitions let go, and all ideas of separation and duality dissolve into Pure Awareness, during these Twelve Nights of Transformation.

On December 21st, we have the opportunity for an entirely new “us” to emerge, adding our creative spark to the flame that will illuminate humanity. We merge with the Mother — the one who weaves life from within, through the mystery and beauty of the sacred geometry that holds the truth of our Essential Nature — and we are reminded how to create and express that Essential Nature through living a life that is the embodiment of wisdom and compassion.

This embodiment of purpose is wholly transformative, beginning on December 21st, esoteric wisdom teaches us that the veil that separates this physical dimension from the spiritual dimension becomes increasingly thin, culminating on or around sunset on the 25th, and lasting for twelve nights, when it becomes transparent, allowing the Seeker to literally become a new person — filled with the vibration and light of Pure Awareness.

It is a time when you may experience a greater spiritual awakening, or ascension from a lower vibration to higher functioning vibration, more keenly attuned to the cosmos.

Allow these next five days to become days of preparation. Decide what you want in your life, and let go of anything and everything that is creating an obstacle to your realising that goal. Look at your relationships and choose to stop doing anything that is unhealthy or dysfunctional, which jeopardises the expression of love you share. Take a deep look at your life, and any behaviours, ideas, fears or superstitions which prevent you from moving to a higher, clearer and more vibrant level of being should be released, so that on the nightfall of December 20th, you can rest in Alaya Consciousness, and awaken to the real meaning of this Season of Transformative Light & Redemption.

Heal, expand your understanding, and allow your Christ Consciousness to be born in the still, humble manger of your Heart.

khenpo gurudas sunyatananda


♥ मा मा मा ♥ ♥ Jai Śri Mata Jaya Sati Bhagavati, Santa Maharajni. ♥♥ मा मा मा ♥ ♥

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