You’ll Never Set the World on Fire When It’s Soaking Wet

build-fire1When you’re building a camp fire, the first thing you do is to find a safe and suitable spot. You clear away any debris, and usually build a ring of stones or cinder blocks around the are to create your first pit.

Then you begin to gather the wood you’ll need to start and sustain that fire.

You search for “seasoned” wood. That is to say that you look for wood that is not too green… not wet… and suitable for a good long burn.

Somehow we don’t always approach our spirituality with that same diligence. We attend a few lectures or classes. We might be part of a denomination’s services for six or eight months. And then we set out to set the world on fire… in one mud-puddle after another.

We’re ill-prepared, because we’re ill-informed.

Take time, as this new year begins, to allow yourself the time and space to become better informed. Less rushing. More listening. Less talking. More silence and stillness.

An incredible thing happens when we go to work on ourselves.

fh11may_firpit_04Everything around us begins to shift and create the causes and conditions favourable to help us accomplish that which we are called.

Like the fire pit, we become more spacious and protected. Like the kindling, we become better conduits of the initial spark. And the world around us becomes like the seasoned wood, creating a fire of love and compassion, wisdom and understanding that can eventually set the Universe ablaze.

It may be helpful to remember the truth about who you are:

I am a perfect expression of the Universe. There is no need or tendency to hurry or rush. Creative Intelligence, expressing itself as me, in me and all around me, unfolds in due course, preparing the way, creating the conditions, and ensuring that the Light of my Love will illuminate the world around me.